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You pay 50% up front to secure booking, non-refundable if you cancel within 7 days of arrival date (unless exceptionable circumstances).

Anyone found arriving with children or pets will be asked to leave with immediate effect with no refund.

Lakeside Fishing Lodges is a peaceful retreat. Anyone who deems a nuisance, I.e, swimming in the lake, not abiding by fishing rules, acting in an unsafe manner around the lake, or being too loud will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

If any guest has broken something please make it known to us immediately (not as you leave) so we can either fix or replace for next guests.

No driving or parking on the grass.

Anyone who has suffered an injury, please report it to us ASAP.

Prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%.

Only persons listed on the registration form may occupy the accommodation allocated.

No one is allowed to sleep on the sofas.

No extra people other than what cabin can actually sleep.

No visitors of guests are allowed to sleep over or fish, or use any facilities etc.

Associated Bookings – You must tell us when you book if your booking is connected to any other booking on the site, for example, because you know the people making a booking or you share a common purpose in visiting the park.

The number of persons allowed in all accommodation booked is restricted to the number of berths in the accommodation. Beds are not available in the lounge areas, no sleeping on sofas, all cabins cannot exceed the berth limitation.

All Lodges are fully equipped with Duvets and bed linen is provided. You are requested to bring your own extra waterproof mattress protectors etc if required as you will be liable for the replacement of any mattress which is soiled by you or your party.

Sound producers are not to be played at any time to the annoyance of others on the Site.

You are responsible for all breakages, including windows and any damage caused by you, a member of your party, these must be replaced or paid for, prior to departure.

You must not cause a nuisance on the Park and must ensure that no member of your party does so either.

Notwithstanding any liability under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957, or otherwise, all cars, or vehicles of any description and their contents are permitted to enter the Site at their Owner’s risk and Wilkinson Properties Boston Ltd (lakeside fishing lodges) accepts no responsibility for theft, damage or injury whilst on the Park unless this has been caused by our negligence. We recommend that you insure your personal belongings, clothing and jewellery etc, before coming on holiday. Although we endeavour to return any lost property.

FORCE MAJEURE – We cannot accept responsibility or pay compensation or refunds for any damage or inconvenience caused by Force Majeure including extreme weather conditions.

All cabins indoors are strictly non-smoking. Please do not throw cigarette butts onto the floor/ground. Please make sure they are extinguished fully before disposing of them accordingly.

When you enquire or book with us, we will keep your personal details secure, limiting the use of that information. We will contact you with offers and updates in the future. If you wish not to be contacted in the future, please tell us in writing or email.

No one is to stay longer than their booking date/time unless agreed with the Owner.

The Owner(s) will not tolerate any abuse of any kind to anyone on the site, or any anti social behavior and reserve the right to ask guests to leave with immediate affect with no refund.

You will receive a refund of 50% of your payment if you cancel your booking (as long as it is not within 7 days of arrival date).



All our log cabins are self-catering and can sleep up to 6 adults.