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Rest & Relaxation

Rest & Relaxation is at the very heart of lakeside fishing lodges!

We have had guests that are not into fishing and have enjoyed their relaxing stay and nearly everyone has re-booked with us.

If you are a romantic couple and want somewhere peaceful to stay or maybe you are trying to conceive, or rekindle, Lakeside Fishing Lodges is the most perfect location for a relaxed, romantic hideaway in Lincolnshire.

Lakeside fishing lodges are beautiful not only in the Summer, but in all seasons.

In the Spring everything is starting to grow and peep through and the lake looks stunning.

In the Autumn especially with Autumn Storms, the never-ending sky is a magnificent sight! In Winter the cabins are not only cosy and warm with the heat from the log burner and a glass of wine or a cuppa tea, but the lake and trees look crisp and picturesque. The shots you can get all year round on your favourite camera or simply on your phone are really amazing. But still, you cannot capture the beauty of this site until you’ve seen it with your very own eyes.

Everyone who has stayed here says the same: ‘It is so peaceful and relaxing’. Guests have brought their books to read and ended up just watching the beauty of the lake and nature at its best. All your troubles just disappear.

There is no need for a hot tub at our site as it doesn’t need it. Simply hang back and relax. Our cabins have a homely feel. I feel like it’s going to my grandmas – comfy & homely. The smell of the wood of the cabins adds to your senses of peacefulness.

The crackling of the log burner easing you to a lull state.

If you are living in a city and want a break from all of the noise and want to see the stars, lakeside fishing lodges is the place to go.
Are you writing a book and need inspiration? Lakeside fishing lodges is the place for that.
If you are a romantic couple wanting a couples retreat in Lincolnshire? lakeside fishing lodges is the place for you.
Do you have a stressful and demanding job? Please come and stay with us at Lakeside Fishing Lodges!

We are in the middle of nowhere kind of, but there is a local Co-op, fish & chip shop and a pub just 1 mile away. We are 7 miles from Boston, Lincolnshire and 12.5 miles from Skegness, Lincolnshire.

We recommend you bring all of your food and drink, etc as we are self-catering cabins.

Don’t forget to bring your slippers!


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